BMW Body Repair | 4 things to remember

By February 8, 2017 Auto Care, BMW

Maintenance Tips | BMW Body repair

Your BMW must be among your best and treasured assets. It, therefore, needs to be treated with utmost care. It is among the most highly engineered cars in the world thus requires particular attention to maintaining it in a good repair state. BMW repair is no more than the rest of the cars, but the process has issues that can affect the particular brand. When performing a BMW body repair, the following tips should be followed:

BMW Body Repair 4 tips to remember


BMW Body Repair – 4 simple tips

Body preparation– It should be the first step to ensuring good body paint and repair. A good preparation before starting the job makes work easier. Start by cleaning the broken part before repairing it.


Remove the trims- If you want to paint the BMW body, it is good to remove the trims around the area to be painted to make work easy. Eliminate the grilles, mirrors, and bumper.


Consider the Colour code- If you want to have its original colour after your BMW body repair and painting, look for the colour code given by the manufacturer so as to find the exact match of colour.


Mask the car- Masking the car is the most important part when doing body repair paint. It helps to finish the work without an over-spray. Ensure to mask off the parts that do not require paint. You can use a weather strip tape for sealing to prevent paint from reaching the parts. To get an even painting with a spray gun; pull the trigger when on the parts which require painting and release the trigger when you are past the area to avoid spraying the unnecessary parts.


To get the best results of a BMW body repair, make sure to visit a BMW specialist in Surrey who can successfully work on your vehicle. Do not just stop at any automotive shop. Instead, go to a well know mechanic specialised in the BMW brand.